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Fine by me JOHNLOCK
    John and Sherlock had went to dance, as just friends, much to Sherlock's dismay. He would have said before that this was good, just friends. Relationships were overly complicated when it should just be simple. Before John, he'd swear he would never get into a relationship, get sentimental about things, or put himself out there. Ever since Red beard's death, he lost it, that trust in loving someone else. Anytime someone got in love's snare and opened out they would get hurt, in Sherlock's eyes; John changed that. He was the first to openly accept him, he remembers that. He met him under weird circumstances, once he found out it was Sherlock Holmes, the 'freak', he didn't run away. They became friends quickly, and Sherlock fell hard for the smart, for an average person, and fit blond. Then, one night Sherlock was walking alone after staying after school late and Jim's group jumped him. John came in, with some aid from Mr. Lestrade and Ms. Adler, and they stopped. If Jo
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Doctor Who Sonnet
Through space and time the mad man in his box
Appearing here and then appearing there
Meeting many people, he really rocks
A brilliant man with weird style of hair
He may look different over time, don’t fret
He always tries to make things bit better
He is flying onwards, he hasn’t stopped yet
But he can turn into a big storm bringer
He’s a lonely man with the box away
He makes friends who become family
Snd while they are there, everythings okay
He is loved by many which he can’t see
How he is known by us, some or few
But we all seem to wonder, Doctor Who?
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Cold tea -Johnlock
It was a long boring day for Sherlock, going through old cold cases, solved a few. Mostly boring, Sherlock would guess as the information of the day had been deleted swiftly and quickly. He had just finished a pot of tea when John came down from his room. He had been hiding in his room a lot recently, why Sherlock was still perplexed about. John walked in, his hair mused as if his hands had been combing through it in frustration, which in further observation shown that to be true. He also had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. Sherlock admits, he has seen John awake at odd hours with a cup of rum, his face usually concentrated for a while before he rubbed his hand over his face and returned to his room. "You alright John?" Sherlock asked, hoping he would do this helping thing correctly. "Fine" john lied, refusing to look at Sherlock. "Tea?" "Oh god, yes." Sherlock smiled, remembering the first time John had said that, their first case. He handed John the cup and sat down in his re
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Rose doomsday, aka paint with mouse practice by freakygal505 Rose doomsday, aka paint with mouse practice :iconfreakygal505:freakygal505 0 0
Nightmares in reality (Phan)
Dan had finally found the warehouse on the other side of London where the person who wrote the note and did this specified. The warehouse was crumbling outside and looked desolate. It was past midnight, as asked for in the note. The note will be shown in due time, but this is where the story must start. He walked in through a hole in the wall, oddly enough next to a boarded up door. If Dan wasn't so angry and terrified, this would have amused him. But this had turned his smile-enriched face into a scowl and widened eyes blood shot from tears he swears he never cried. Upon entering the moldy room on the third level, he saw a woman, if you could call it that. She had a venomous smile under ruby lips, lightly tanned skin mostly hidden by a tight black out fit. Her hair was loose waves of blood red curls, and she removed her black sunglasses to reveal deep, purple eyes surrounded by long, black eyelashes. She would look beautiful if only you hadn't met here or gotten near here. Just by his
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Based on that music video by that ballet thing with the song. If you have yet to see that, the link will be in the description below if I can remember. Yes its short, but eh. Yes, AU. Enjoy!
    Phil was walking through the forest, following the music he had heard from his apartment. It carried him to an empty building with music pouring out. The walls outside were white wood with large windows letting in the sunlight, making it look like it was glowing. Take me to church was being played and Phil, being curious as usual looked in through a window, and that's when he saw him. He had hair like tree bark and deep brown eyes that can melt you like the chocolate his eyes resembled. He wore tights skin color, a tan color, matching his topless torso, showing his slightly muscular form doused with sweat. He threw himself around, his jumps through the air perfect, his toes pointed so and he seemed to slow down time in the air. Phil couldn't help but stare on as he danced, his jaw dropped ever so slightly. He would spin, his hair whipping around and that brilliant, breathless smile slipping upon his face. Phil smiled slightly, watching as this mysterious man danced, each move with a passion and spoke out in ways some words could never do justice of. At the end of the song he fell to his knees, and  all went silent. The mans head rose up, a smile spread across his face with a deep dimple on one cheek. Phil could feel his own lips form a grin just from seeing the joy this dancer expressed. He step back slightly, and a large snap rings through the forest. The dancer's smile vanishes as he leaps up, head whipping around to find the intruder while Phil went down to hide from sight. He peeked out of the corner of the window to see the dancer turned away, walking slowly to the door, a bat (like from baseball, not an animal) held tightly in his grip. Phil, turned and sneaked away, going below the windows view around the other way.
     He had made it a good distance away when a cry of "hey! " resounded through the forest, followed by crunching leaves and into view is the dancer. Phil turns around from him and runs, as fast as he coulld through the deep woods back towards his home. He glanced behind him to find the dancer, now not holding his weapon, get closer, a confused look upon his face. Phil turns back and keeps running until he slips under the rain-soaken leaves bellow. The man catches up and asks "Are you alright?" His voice was gentle and Phil felt his hands gently grab him around his waist and pull him up off the slightly damp floor of the autumn forest. "S-sorry, I-i had heard music from my a-apartment and I-i was curious..." Phil spoke quickly, his eyes staring down at the crumpled leaves of orange and red around them in a million shades. "Its fine, I just thought it was someone dangerous, that's all." the man replied, and Phil looked up to see a soft smile on his lips. Ignoring the heat that flared upon his cheeks and ears as he looked down, he said "You dance amazingly..." "Th-thanks... I've always loved to dance, but I don't think I'm that good..." Phil looked up to see red upon the dancer's cheeks, his dimple deeply embeded inside the reddened cheek. "I think you are..." Phil said, staring at the dancer. The dancer looked up, his eyes glittering with pride until a puzzeled look took his face. "Have I seen you before?... Wait a second, you're Phil Lester. Oh my god, I watch your dance videos and the nerdier ones too!" The dancer's smile was contagious as it spread to Phil's face, and Phil nodded. "Hi, I'm Dan, Daniel Howell, a fan of yours." the dancer said. And that was how the Phan dancing duo began.


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