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Rose doomsday, aka paint with mouse practice by freakygal505
Rose doomsday, aka paint with mouse practice
Okay, so here is Rose tyler against wall crying, used as practice with drawing with Paint, the one that usually comes with computers, with a mouse. Basically, I got bored.

Dan had finally found the warehouse on the other side of London where the person who wrote the note and did this specified. The warehouse was crumbling outside and looked desolate. It was past midnight, as asked for in the note. The note will be shown in due time, but this is where the story must start. He walked in through a hole in the wall, oddly enough next to a boarded up door. If Dan wasn't so angry and terrified, this would have amused him. But this had turned his smile-enriched face into a scowl and widened eyes blood shot from tears he swears he never cried. Upon entering the moldy room on the third level, he saw a woman, if you could call it that. She had a venomous smile under ruby lips, lightly tanned skin mostly hidden by a tight black out fit. Her hair was loose waves of blood red curls, and she removed her black sunglasses to reveal deep, purple eyes surrounded by long, black eyelashes. She would look beautiful if only you hadn't met here or gotten near here. Just by his close proximity, he could feel a sensation like a rotting cold from her, as if evil was in the room. And to his luck, it was. “Hello Daniel.”, she spoke, her voice sending chills down his spine at the almost joyful tone she spoke with. “I was wondering when you would appear, when you would eventually read the note... Sad to say I'm a bit disappointed. Thought you'd be quicker. I thought you cared for Philip..” Dan had turned cold by her voice and remained silent as she spoke, but his eyes, burning with rage, spoke the words for him. “Oh, of course, my note. My apologies on the blood drops. No, it was not the blood of Philip, it was yours. You wonder who I am and where your friend Philip is. Although you wish he wasn't your friend but what can you do. Its not like he'll change to form into what you want.” Dan's eyes glistened slightly as he looked away from the woman before him. “What do you mean my blood?” he asked, hoping she wouldn't notice his voice cracking from her words. “Remember a while back. You were hating everything, the bullies were torturing you with words and black eyes. One day, you had let the words dig in and you started hating yourself so much you felt like you deserved to be punished” “Stop it” Dan whispered but she continued on “You were home alone and you were tired of hearing these words at school, now in your head. I kept saying those words and I-” “Stop.” “-guided your hand” “Stop!” and your bl-” “SHUT UP!”, Dan screamed, those tears slipping down his cheeks without control. “Where is Phil?” he growled, his rage barely contained dripping into his voice.

This had all started roughly Monday morning, today being Saturday. Well, one could argue it started at night, but after midnight to me will be morning. Dan had stayed up until midnight in his couch bend surfing through the Phan tumblr tag privately. 'I can dream' Dan thought as he saw a certain drawing. He must admit, the cape looked nice. 'Speaking of dreaming, it probably be best to go to sleep before its morning. Can't skip sleeping... again' He shut down his laptop and closed the lid to see a sticker on the lid. It was a sticker of Phil wearing his lion suit, all-in-all cute. 'even cuter than he already is.' Dan thought to himself. That one voice in his head spoke out as if on cue, saying 'You know he mustn't know or else he'll be gone for ever. Don't get too close or your secret will slip and all hell will break loose. It will all go back to before...'. Dan shook his head, trying to ignore the voice in his head that tortured him when ever he seemed too happy, but being around Phil usually kept it at bay. At night, after Phil goes to bed, it attacks and makes him doleful. He climbs into bed after running out of the darken living room. He slipped into bed and clapped off the lights, smiling as he remembered Phil giving him 'clappers' after seeing his fear video. Smiling sweetly he fell into dreaming.

'Smiling, he found himself out in London, Phil at his side as they rode the London eye. Phil was gleefully looking out at the top of the roof at the star-scattered skies. “So, this must have looked different to Vincent Van Gogh. These are dots not swirly things.” Dan could swear that Phil's smile could easily be his own drug for how it filled him up with bubbles. “Well, he did find beauty in it, even though he was sad. But, maybe depression does that, changing you and hiding you away from the lights. Through tear filled eyes, the stars would swirl in your eyes, as you cried in your loneliness...” Phil's smile had vanished from his face when Dan looked back down from the sky to him. His eyes shined with glistening tears. “I should never tell you this” Dan spoke, his eyes down cast as a single tear slipped down his cheek. “Never, but I want to let it be known. To find a cure for this and I think … you hold the key. Phil, I think I'm...” he looked up to find them in a dark room, a light from above shining so only Phil and Dan could be seen. Phil's face was serious, all mirth swiped away, replaced by a face of loathing in an unnaturally calm way. “P-Phil?” Dan whimpered slightly as a nauseating feeling ran through him from looking into Phil's eyes, now filled with a hate aimed like a weapon. “Do you think I care?” Phil said, his voice like lead to Dan's heart, dragging it down, taking his breath and smothering him with it. “You are pathetic. You disgust me. You really think I care? I don't, Daniel Howler. Why would I care about a fool like you.” “Dan!” “I hope you succeed with that plan you had in secondary school. I would love it if you had kept trying.” Dan!” “To see you like that, that would be the only time I may actually like you, be proud of you. I will watch you die.” “Danny! Please!“I think Philip wants you awake. I wonder why he cares... Goodbye Daniel, and hopefully we won't met again...”

He awoke to find Phil above him shaking him awake. Tears were streaking down his face and once he saw that Dan was awake Phil hugged him tightly. Dan wrapped his arms around Phil and hugged him tightly, still trembling from the nightmare. “I-i didn't kn-know w-what to do... You were flailing and whimpering, I couldn't stop it... I'm sorry Danny.” Phil said, still holding Dan close. Dan looked up at Phil and couldn't help but smile. “Thank you Phil.” Dan said softly, afraid his voice could crack. “The hug helped. Can we hug a bit more..?” Phil nodded and they kept hugging. Eventually, they did go back to regular time and stuff, both agreeing to leave it. Dan didn't sleep that night, nor the next. On Wednesday, Dan eventually fell asleep while watching anime with breakfast with Phil, on Phil's shoulder. He wasn't plagued by dreams, and Phil kept watch on him as he turned off the TV and fell asleep next to Dan. They didn't talk about that, Dan's lack of sleep until Thursday night when Dan was still in his browsing position. They had been home after the radio show and although Phil wanted to help Dan and talk about his sleep and the nightmare, he stayed away from that. Eventually, Dan noticed Phil sitting next to him, staring at him intently. Not that he did anything about it, but he did see it. He also saw as Phil began to fidget a bit (Okay, a lot) and finally declares out loud “Dan, I'm not going to sleep until you do. You need to sleep. And don't try to say 'no I’m not' because you are. Listeners from today kept tweeting me, 'is Dan OK?', 'did you two have a domestic?', 'does Dan have a hangover.'” No, Dan did not notice the faint pink growing red on Phil's ears and cheeks from the second viewer comment and he definitely did not think he looked really cute like that. Phil sighed and with less enthusiasm then before said “I'm worried about you...” Dan stopped scrolling and really looked at Phil. He had bags under his eyes, and his watery-eyes screamed sad and confused. Dan sighed as he turned his laptop off and closed the lid, smiling at the sticker he 'forgot to take off'. “Can we sleep on the couch... together...” Dan spoke, eyes at his hands. “I didn't have the nightmare when we fell asleep during the anime...” “Alright” Phil replies, a smile falling on his lips. They lay down next to each other, Dan with his back to the couches back and Phil facing Dan. “Is this normal..?” Dan asks quietly once they had laid down like so, lights off and blanket over them. “Are we normal, Danny? No, so we don't need to worry about being 'normal', okay?” Phil replies and once Dan nods, he falls asleep, and Dan watches Phil sleep, a warmth growing in his stomach. Oh, and no, he absolutely did not kiss Phil on his forehead because he thought it would be the only time he could ever do that to Phil before dozing off.

The next morning, Dan woke up alone, hugging a pillow. Knocking off his slight disappointment at not waking up together, he gets up to go get cereal when he notices the couch and trail. There in front of Dan where Phil had been where scratches in the fabric that ran to a couch leg. Scratch from where the couch moved to that wasn't there before. Following that to the door frame with finger nail dug into the wood trying to cling and being dragged out. Panic flooded through Dan as he followed the trail of scratches until they ended at the stairs, replaced by small droplets of blood to the door out of their shared flat where upon the door a note was left, blood droplets still wet on it.

Hello Daniel,

I asked you to do one simple thing, why couldn’t you just kill yourself. I used a memory of Philip trying to give you more reason, sadly he had to play hero and wake you. Poor fellow. No, he isn't dead yet, but you can decide that. Warehouse 1304B, Midnight until Dawn Saturday. Come between then or his blood will become the wall paint for the warehouse.

“WHERE IS PHIL!” he screamed, his rage pooling through his lips into the air.“Oh, relax Daniel.” she replied, her eyes rolling as she speaks and a sarcastic smile on her lips. “Philip is right here.” She turns behind her and tore off the sheet to reveal Phil. Phil, chained to a chair, eyes wide and blood shot with tears slipping down his cheeks and soaked into the rag tied over his mouth. His fingers were red with blood from trying to hang on and escape her. Dan was ready to tear her a new, but it was out weighed by the relief he felt that Phil was alright. Tears stung Dan's eyes as they slipped through his eyes but he didn't care. He ran towards Phil until a force hit him and he hit the wall “Tsk tsk tsk, Daniel.” she spoke as ropes tied him around and up, his mouth available still to speak. Rage took over and he spat “Why are you doing this.” She looked at him and let a milk-curdling smile curl upon her face. “You are a human and your kind keeps killing ours. You take us in, some being daemonis interius, inner demons, like myself, others borrow bodies for our needs, as I am also doing. You make humans smile, youtubers do. I want humans to suffer for killing my family. You and him make your kind smile and laugh, but if you killed yourself as I asked, all would mourn who love you. Phil would follow, if I wish so, and many others will be killed by me. I want you to die for all of my family, for vengeance on humans. Why don't we deserve to live? And sadly, you need to suffer for living and Philip here will take it unless you tell me your secret. I can take your secret and Philip will live knowing it, point being he lives. It will kill you inside and I can live with that, just going after beautiful and brilliant children with minor problems, dragging them to their demise by making them believe they deserve as they do. All humans do. So...” She pulled out a large knife and held it to Phil's left cheek “tell me...” “I d-don't...” “Wrong!” she yelled as she slashes Phil's cheek. Phil's scream is barely muffled by the wrapping over his mouth, tears spilling out with the blood. “Try again” she said as she went to his other cheek. Dan closes his eyes and breathes out slowly. “I have depression, take medicine and all. I didn't want to tell Phil because I thought he'd think I was a freak... more than I already am...” he replies, eyes looking down with tears slipping down to the floor. “Close” she responded, making Dan look up again, “But wrong!” she yells as she slashes his other cheek, another scream from Phil slipped out. “One more try and if you don't... I... I-eh Ack!” she screamed a demonic scream as she slipped to the floor, her confidence dissipating. “Dan!” the woman yells but her voice is higher and the evil feeling gone. Her eyes are light blue like the sky in calm yet she wore an expression of utter pain. “There’s a knife on the floor next to you. I can't stop her for long. Hurr- Ah, What Did I Say about interrupting me you Brat!” She had dropped the knife in her switching and Phil kicks it towards Dan. He grabs it in his hand and cuts up with it freeing his arms and legs as the demon and girl struggle for power. She pulls away from Phil and Dan runs up and starts cutting. “We deserve to live because we love, and do not hate- LIES! You kill us without thought, without mercy and mock it, your murdering. We love each other but not for long because you keep killing us! I had to see the man I loved tortured to death by you, I want him to feel my pain, watching the one he loves die. I want VENGEANCE FOR MY LOVED ONES- I WANT TO LIVE WITH MY FAMILY AND YOU KILLED THEM. THE PEOPLE WHO KILLED THOSE YOU LOVED, YOU'RE JUST AS BAD! AND YOU WILL JOIN THEM!” The girl pulls out her knife and stabs it into her stomach. “AH!” she screams as the demon pours from her mouth in a demonic scream into a dark gray cloud that vanished to ashes. Phil had been freed and hugged Dan tightly, Dan returning the favor. “I'm so sorry Dan and Phil.” she whimpered and the pair turn to her. She won't bother you again. Blade soaked in holy water, got her dead. At least now I can go back to my family. Goodbye and please don't kill yourself or cut again. She showed me it all, the cutting, a few attempts... Phil, I'm sorry she cut your cheeks. I tried pulling back so they aren't too deep. I'm sorry, so so sorr...” And she went cold, falling back to the floor in her pool of blood. they closed her eyes and walked out together, holding hands to know the other is there. They finally get in the flat and to the bathroom where Dan cleans Phil's cuts, luckily minor thanks to the girl. Once cleaned and bandaged all wounds, they walk to the couch and plops down. They sit in silence before Dan turns to Phil. “Phil... I think I'm in love with you...” he whispers, looking into Phil's eyes. Phil looks back and joy erupts on his face as he grabs Dan's face and kisses him. “I love you too” he answers before they start snogging. In between breathes, Phil says “I've loved you for a while. She came at night while you slept. Did you know you cuddle in your sleep?” “I really don't, I woke up and wanted to cuddle you. Thought it would be my only chance” “She came and woke me up. Originally she was going for you, hang you up and kill you in your sleep. I fought and laid over you. She hit you with some magic thing to hold you in a deep sleep while she dragged me out then hit me with it. I awoke when you entered. I love you Dan, don't you ever cut or kill yourself. She was right, I'd follow.” This made Dan stop and look at Phil. “I love you Phil, and if you love me and you are alive, I have every reason to live.” He kissed him once more, more passionately then before until Phil stopped him with “Remember this” and he awoke on the couch, computer on lap still.

“PHIL!” he yelled, followed by getting a pillow to the face. “Dan, there’s no reason to yell. And I win the bet, its still Sunday and you fell asleep... You okay Da- ack!” Phil was abruptly interrupted by Dan tackle hugging (glomping?) Phil, berrying his head into Phil's chest. “Its okay Danny.” Phil said as he rubbed circles into Dan's back. “Just a bad dream. She won't return to hurt you.” “I know, but you weren't there and- wait a second. If it was a dream, how do you know about..?” “Dan, you talk in your sleep.” Phil said interrupting Dan. At this realization, Dan turned red faced and shyly asked “Did you... hear anything else?” “Nope.”Phil answered. “Now, I'm going to have a taco casserole.” Phil walked out leaving Dan on the couch. “Oh, and Dan!” Phil said as he popped his head back in with red on his cheeks. “Yeah?”

“Love you too, Danny”

Nightmares in reality (Phan)
Okay, this idea has been in my head and I just had to write it. This is Phan, Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil ship. Blame my little sister, she ships it and got me tangled in. Enjoy!

“A woman is a woman an' a man ain't nothin' but a male... oh yes A woman is a woman an' a man ain't nothin' but a male...and the One good thing about Jim is He knows how to jive an' wail” Jim wouldn't have believed what he was watching if he hadn't been there seeing it in person. His Seb, dancing to some old song and singing along. He would have burst out laughing if he wasn't so shocked. “Oh, you gotta jump, jive, an' then you wail, You gotta jump, jive, an' then you wail, You gotta jump, jive, an' then you wa-WHAT THE FUCK! ” Sebastian screamed the last bit and soon a gun was in Jim's face, 'bout an inch away. “So, my little Songbird, what are you doing?” “Hello Jim.”, Sebastian says, still not moving the gun, an angry glare that could be lethal if not for the red flush covering his skin. “That never happened, swear or its your life.” “Fine”, Jim groaned like the sociopath 3-year old he is. “But you have amazing singing talents. What was that song anyway?” In his haste the song stopped, mostly because he shot the speakers his IPod was on. “While in Afghanistan, I was around fellow Americans and someone showed me the song. I have a favoritism towards the older jazz stuff, or screaming punk stuff, like Chemical Romance. Oh, and that Jump Jive An' Wail by Brian Setzer, not that you care.” Sebastian rolled his eyes as Jim made a noise of shock like “oh no you didn't” in a hmpf way. “What are you doing, besides singing and dancing- which never happened!” (a gun towards the face can really change your mind, specially since they met by Seb's shooting him, on accident, of course. That’s a story for later.) “Cooking, and before you ask, its for Thanksgiving, like in America. You will eat and celebrate with me, And no complaining, 'Kay?” The look on Seb's face said ' you will not argue and live at the same time', and for Jim, it was the wrong day to die. Especially because last time he 'died', he saw Moran on that roof... “ugh, FINE!”

Moriarty was on the couch, shooting at the ceiling. Luckily, after a while of living with Jim, Seb had gotten a shooting pad, bullet-proof windows, a silencer on the gun and still wore the bullet proof clothing from war, just in case. Sometimes, he'd put a fake body up there with real blood if Jim was being good. Today, he wasn't. As Seb was mashing potatoes, his music playing on Jim's speakers, Jim was complaining, and trying to remove the silencer. Finally, after shooting at the target enough, he tossed down the gun and wandered to the kitchen. Another jazzy song was just finishing as another song popped up. It began piano, like an older tune your grandparents in America played. And the guy started singing, similar to a carnival style, and Seb sang along. “Well they encourage your complete cooperation. Send you roses when they think you need to smile. I can't control myself because I don't know how, and they love me for it honestly, I'll be here for a while.” As Jim was about to pass it off, it started the...

“So give them blood, blood, gallons of the stuff! Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough. So give them blood, blood, blood. Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood!” He liked that, the chorus part, probably more than he should have...

“A celebrated man amongst the gurneys. They can fix me proper with a bit of luck. The doctors and the nurses they adore me so, but it's really quite alarming cause I'm such an awful fuck.”

“Yes you are” Jim says, but this time, Seb just rolls his eyes as he pulls out the turkey, the song continuing on in the background. “That would be My Chemical Romance, by the way.” Sebastian says, as he turns around to face the smirking Jim. “Pretty good, bit gruesome at times. Like you.” Jim says nonchalantly, something glimmering in his eyes, 'could that be...- no, he couldn't' Jim thinks, shaking his head. 'Like the little bastard would care.' Rolling his eyes, he puts the turkey and the other parts at the table. Sitting at one side on the table, he starts cutting up the turkey. Once the big main stomach was cut up gently with silverware, he rips off a leg and eats. Jim is just leaning on the door way, watching his Seb tear apart the turkey leg. 'Not your Seb. Like he would think of you in anyway close to that. Your his boss, nothing more' Jim thought to himself.

I had missed Seb and his abnormalities being gone a month before returning to shoot his hand, left one. Confused? He was, too. Seb had gotten drunk that night, and was on Bart's roof holding a hand gun. He was screaming angrily, yelling expletives and my name, tears falling meaninglessly off his cheeks. I had chose to watch him, I was worried about his- ' not your Seb- I was worried about Seb. He wasn't his sneaky, sarcastic, jerky-self I had fallen in lo- had hired to work for him. That night, he screamed as he took the gun. That gun...

“Ay, you gonna eat, or just stand there staring at the floor? Jimmy? Boss, you okay?” Seb had gotten up and grabbed onto Jim, pulling him out of the memory. He pulled him up to his face, looking Jim in the eyes. Jim's breath was caught in his throat, heart switching from rocket speed to not at all, and back. “You okay?” Seb asked his heated breath upon Jim's face. Jim looked into Seb's eyes, wonderment and love all blooming in his chest he had sworn to eternal coldness like a flame. He swallows the lump in his throat and stuffing back the crazy idea that popped up. “Fine, Sebby, I-I’m fine...” Jim said in a voice barely his own, cracked and whimpered, until he coughs and gains his real voice to say “I'm fine, Seb, though your breath is lethal...” He gets Seb's grip off his arms and walks to the table and gets himself some food. Still slightly shaken, but desperately trying to hide it, he turns around with a, faked, sarcastic 'questioning' look and asked, “You going to eat? Didn't you want me to eat?

Seb could see he was hiding something under that sarcastic look, and he was going to find out eventually. He rolls his eyes, playing along, and sits at his spot. Taking his meat stick up again, they eat in silence. Eventually, Jim starts talking. “When did you learn to cook?” he asks, food stuffed in his mouth as he speaks. “Eh, Thanksgiving in war, learned from fellow guys after three years.” he responded, eyes rolling as he spoke. “Well, not bad. You seem to know your way around the kitchen, and singing, you little Songbird.” At the mention of his singing from earlier, his ears tinged pink and his cheeks barely glowed a hinted scarlet, muttered a “Shut Up” through a mouthful of turkey. “Make me.” Jim responded, enjoying his slight control over Seb. Seb heard that and his plan flew into action with a grin beginning to grow upon worn lips.“Or I’ll tell everyone about the incident, your study in Pink…” Seb spook, a malicious grin spread across his face at the Jim who always lo- lik- found the grin intriguing. Of course Jim gave him a look of ‘Really, the Cabby case?’ Seeing Jim’ expression only made the grin grow (not only thing?) as he goes on. ”Not the case, no, the time where I walked in to see you, in a big, puffy, bright-““Don’t…” “-Pink-““You…” “-Tutu…” Did I mention how red Jim’s face went during the last bit. Whether from fury or blushing embarrassingly, it amused Seb to no end. As Jim puffed his breath out, Sebastian took out his phone, took a picture and sent it to Mrs. Adler. Just in case Jim deleted his copy, of course, definitely not to brag. “I’ll tell Irene about how you once asked-“ Jim started speaking, but Seb’s hand was over his mouth before he could finish. ( A slightly mischievous thought…), and Seb said “fine, don’t say that out loud. I won’t” Jim couldn't help the joyous grin that spread upon his lips, malicious and mischievous combined into a grin, . Seeing he could do that to Jim made Seb think 'How is it I, boring sniper Seb could do that to Jim, a goofy, adorable and evil grin gosh I lo- I shouldn't think of how he looks evilly adorable with that grin. He's my boss, he'd never think of me like that.' “Nice try, tiger.” Jim says, his eyes lit with a chaotic joy. “I hate you” Seb says, trying to act serious yet he ended up laughing lightly. “Love you too...”

Neither could be sure whose eyes were wider, but if one had to chose, it would be Jim. Jim's eyes were wide enough to make Jupiter shrink (yes, used a solar system reference, deal Sherlock), and his face was red like blood. If one hadn't known what was going on, they may say he could be in blood (again). His thoughts began to blare at him, words like 'idiot, flawed, failure, mistaken' hitting him hard. He glanced up at Seb, to see what he did. Sebastian had eyes too big for normality, and without compare except to Jim's. A light pink flush ghosted his cheeks and his thoughts burst into a crazy haze, not any understandable but still consumed him to confusion, and a deafening silence followed those three simple words.

“I-I'm s-sorry,” Jim began, his words trembling as he spoke. “I-i Di-didn’t, I s-slipped u-up-p, I... I'll just g-go” he got up and started to walk out, face down with eyes pooling in 'Not tears, no, I'm fine', but the moment he tried passing Seb, Seb's arm stroke out swiftly and caught Jim. He pulled Jim back, and pushed him to the wall, his face completely composed. Jim looked up, those tears that were not there were falling down his cheeks like a race to escape. Those words full of torturous hate screamed out through his head, more 'not tears' dribbling down. Sebastian gently tipped Jim's head back to look him in the eyes. Jim was on the verge of whimpering under the force of these horrid words pounding his mind in. He looked into Sebastian's eyes and saw it. That glimmer of something, familiar to every time he's given him a nickname, every time Jim smiles, every time Jim laughs. It had always confused Jim to what it meant, the question boiling in his mind, barely louder than the words, but still heard. He searches Seb's eyes with slight desperation as he stands in Sebastian's grip. Slowly, Jim's face is getting closer to Seb's and all the thoughts seem to ram him into a confused and damaged child. But they all slowly dissipated at a breath away from Sebastian's lips as he heard Seb whisper. “Took you long enough to realize what I meant...” Realization slammed into Jim and slowly that glimmer in Seb's eyes was seen also in Jim's and he solved his puzzle. They both grinned but stopped suddenly and you couldn't see that glimmer for a while. Well, it is heard to do all of the love glimmering in their eyes, written in their smiles when they were to busy with their lips together... Now I could explain how all the food was then on the floor or coating the pair, but I'd rather leave it up to the imagination of you all (unless you wish me too?) But, let me tell you this; they never could ever (ever) have a normal thanksgiving.

John POV
Captain Holmes, toughest pirate out there. they say if you are lucky, you die on the spot.What he hates most is the government, no one else is sure why, but i know the truth about him.
Me and my army quadrant were being shipped out from London, when in the midst of the see, our boat was ransacked by the crew. I was below deck when the bullets hit, our captain found shot in the shoulder. Don't worry, he lives on, not fatal of a shot. I am a doctor, and i took care below deck where we hid. "They must of chickened out, jumped, ay cap?" said a voice above us. "Anderson, harm thy tongue, you lack intelligence to speak. Another word, and its the plank. The hole to where we hid was hidden under a heavy barrel of ammunition. But with every moment I felt our secure hiding place be on the brink of being found. And i was correct. Took half of the hour to be found and yet only half that to get us up on deck. I saw our captain and ran to his side. He was an old friend of my dad's since before World War II, where my dad fell in battle. I was little, and our cap' became like a father to me. Swiftly, I tare the sweat drenched white polo and tear along strip off the fabric. With said strip, i tightly bound it atop the wound, sufficiently stopping the blood. "Tie him up.", the deep baritone voice commanded and I was yanked up, my hands bonded by ropes, same as my feet. I was slammed atop a wooden crate by this man of silver hair. "I am sorry. I'd help but it tis not my division." he whispered in my ear as he passed. "Lestrade, hoist the flag upon our new ship." the deep voice said with the utmost calmness. The silver haired man ran to the flag. That's Lestrade, and Anderson had brown hair, plus there was another one whom I knew not. Black hair, and a girl. Not like most crews, but this was no ordinary captain.
 Most pirates had scratchy voices, tough beards and enough weight for two (They also got beat, the record was two minutes, 43 seconds.). This pirate, though, was like none other. he had curly black hair, sharp cheek bones you could cut yourself upon, a calm, robot like bass voice and was under weight. He strode right up to where Lestrade had put me, and raised my head so i was looking him straight in the eye. "Doctor? Doctor Watson, to where were you headed? Afghanistan or Iraq?". To put it simply, I was shocked. "Afghanistan, sir... how did you..." "It is obvious that you are off to battle, for you are in cameo uniform. Only a doctor would bandage a wound so well, an army doctor. Not somewhere close or easy to reach. " he spoke in a breath. "Besides, there is a map in your pocket and a letter to your drunk brother harry wishing him well from his break up you forgot to send. Am I correct?"  he looked at me, eyebrow raised and a too joyful smirk upon his lips. "Actually," I replied. "You are mostly correct . Harry does find comfort in booze and just broke up with her girlfriend..."  
"Her?" he spoke. The smirk had vanished in an instant of the word her. "Harry is your sister..." suddenly, he smashed his fist into the crate i was thrust upon. He pulled his hand back out, bloody and bruised, from the box of gun powder, shaking with barely contained anger and pain. I ,whom had slipped the bonds upon my wrists with my knife, took his hand into mine. He was in shock so i took control. " Lestrade, fetch me a cloth, wet with clean water. Top shelf in left cabinet. Anderson, fetch ice from the freezer below deck. And... you ms..." "Donovan." "Donovan. Grab the medical kit from below deck." They all followed command, although Donovan and Anderson both took their tasks grudgingly while Lestrade seemed fine with the command. The captain just clenched tight, biting back the pain. I've seen, and have had, worse, so I know my work. They took barely a minute on each task and barely five minutes later, his hand was bandaged up. "I'm Captain Holmes, Sherlock Holmes. For your help, you have earned a spot on my crew." He spoke, looking downwards as if he could not dare look me in the eye. "Only" I spoke, "If you let my unit free.".  If I was surprised earlier, you should have seen the look in Sherlock s wide silver eyes. While the rest of his face remained calm, his eyes conveyed a sea of emotion. Only because of the closeness in sight could one see the waves of emotion crashing into each other in his eyes. No one but i saw it, and it was brief for he answered a fine. My crew, memories wiped of this, were tied up and sent back to London. That's how I met my best friend, Captain Sherlock Holmes.
    Doofenshmirtz evil activity has always been well controlled by O.W.C.A.'s best agent, Perry the Platapus until by random, many crowds of people, and animal agents, walking towards Doofenshmirtz's building all sharing one similar detail; purple eyes. Yet has no clue how this began, only what happened after that changed everything in the tri state area.
    While the ones with purple eyes march to the building, Phineas is home, with a worried Candace, a crying Buford and a head ache. Not only does he have to save his brother, his best friend Isabella, Baljeet, his father and everyone else under this unusual influence, he must fight the one in his head. While trying to unravel why his freinds and family members are walking to a strange building, he will learn a secret burred in mystery secret that an change his life, and everyone's around him.
Dear readers,
This is the only way i know, still learning to use devianart, but if you want me to post this story, please comment below. Thanks for reading though!
    Doofenshmirtz evil activity has always been well controlled by O.W.C.A.'s best agent, Perry the Platapus until by random, many crowds of people, and animal agents, walking towards Doofenshmirtz's building all sharing one similar detail; purple eyes. Yet has no clue how this began, only what happened after that changed everything in the tri state area.
    While the ones with purple eyes march to the building, Phineas is home, with a worried Candace, a crying Buford and a head ache. Not only does he have to save his brother, his best friend Isabella, Baljeet, his father and everyone else under this unusual influence, he must fight the one in his head. While trying to unravel why his freinds and family members are walking to a strange building, he will learn a secret burred in mystery secret that an change his life, and everyone's around him.
Dear readers,
This is the only way i know, still learning to use devianart, but if you want me to post this story, please comment below. Thanks for reading though!


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