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Dalek- Elsa by freakygal505
Dalek- Elsa
"Exterminate! Exterminate! Our leader is great! Exterminate! Exterminate! Its never too late!
Watch us kill, they run as they will. Will our reign go strong.. Exterminate all day long!"

That is what it says, and yes this is a pen doodle of a dalek dressed as Elsa.
Dragon-flame Susan by freakygal505
Dragon-flame Susan
Okay, crappy pic sketch of Flame Susan from Dan and Phil Games latest video,…
There is the link. May do a better pick of it, or outline it. We will see.

Update: I copied it in pen, not colored in (yet?), much preferred.
    John and Sherlock had went to dance, as just friends, much to Sherlock's dismay. He would have said before that this was good, just friends. Relationships were overly complicated when it should just be simple. Before John, he'd swear he would never get into a relationship, get sentimental about things, or put himself out there. Ever since Red beard's death, he lost it, that trust in loving someone else. Anytime someone got in love's snare and opened out they would get hurt, in Sherlock's eyes; John changed that. He was the first to openly accept him, he remembers that. He met him under weird circumstances, once he found out it was Sherlock Holmes, the 'freak', he didn't run away. They became friends quickly, and Sherlock fell hard for the smart, for an average person, and fit blond. Then, one night Sherlock was walking alone after staying after school late and Jim's group jumped him. John came in, with some aid from Mr. Lestrade and Ms. Adler, and they stopped. If John hadn't went looking for him, for they were going out that evening for a cuppa, Sherlock could have gotten worse than a few broken ribs and a one night stay at the hospital. John watched over him all night, and when Sherlock woke up to see John dozed off with bags under his eyes next to him, he knew it. "Sherlock?" John asked, knocking Sherlock out of his reverie. He shook the thoughts from his head, knocking a few loose curls across his eyes. Two lightly calloused fingers swept up the curls to pinked ears, and John was in sight once again, pushing them back with a wistful smile bellow his nose. Their eyes met for a moment before John swiped his hand back and glanced at the ground, as if he forgot the gym  floor existed. Sherlock stared at John as he mused a hand through his hair once more before looking back up and asking, "Would you like some punch?" Sherlock relaxed slightly, albeit a bit disappointing, but replied, "By now, students probably have spiked the punch with alcohol already..." "Do you still want punch?" "Oh god, yes" Sherlock answered smiling slightly as John giggled and headed for the punch table.

     "Sherlock?" a shy familiar voice asked from behind that Sherlock knew and welcomed all to well. "Hello, Molly-" He turned around to see Molly, Molly Hooper, The shy scientist he had class with who never wore less than a turtleneck, was now in a form-fitting red dress hit above her knees, and striking red lipstick to match. Her hair was curled in brown twists down to her shoulders and those blood-red lips formed a shy smile as emerald eyes looked up at Sherlock. "You look beautiful" he said with a smile. She looked into his eyes and her cheeks flushed crimson. "Th-thanks. You cleaned up well, too. John's a lucky guy." Sherlock looked at her with confusion and quickly realization dawned on her. "You're not... Oh my, I thought you were a couple..." Sherlock looked at her, a sad smile playing on his features that said everything. "I'll tell you one thing. John has done you good. Before, you probably would have cast me off right then, but you didn't. You can still be a prat, but at least you are being a friend to me now." He averted his gaze down as pale cheeks turned scarlet. Then, a though passed through his head and he looked questioningly up at Molly once more. "You're not here with anyone?" He said it like a question, but meant it as a fact. That wistful smile John wore early appeared on her blood-painted lips as she shook her head(no). Sherlock looked across the room quickly, and once finding his target flicks his finger towards him, signaling someone towards them. "Molly, this is Mike. Mike, this is-" "Molly Hooper! Your the pretty girl who sits next to Sherly in lab, right? I've wanted to-to s-say hi, but I-i... I thought you were dating Sherlock, but J-john said he was taking Sherly, or not go at all, so-" "Wait, what was that last thing?" Sherlock interrupted. Mike turned pale and an 'oh bollocks' look took to his face. "He wasn't going to go if I didn't go with him? He cared that it was us..." Mike looks slightly surprised, standing up a bit more, showing off his figure a bit better. Not bad for a rookie on the paintball team, Molly thought to herself.
     "He didn't see Jim's thing, did he?" Mike asked, turning to Molly, who shook her head. "John begged me to hide it, and I keep to my word. Hufflepuff in me..."She muttered the last bit but Mike still heard."You're a Hufflepuff, too? I was hoping I'd be in Ravenclaw..." "Me too! Sherlock got in Ravenclaw, I'm Hufflepuff, I think John's in Gryffindor." "John is in Gryffindor, 'cording to the quiz. Still kinda wish I was in Ravenclaw..." "Me too. Hey, maybe later you and I could talk more about Hogwarts, since it seems no one else has any knowledge on it." 'You know Peeves, right?" "Yeah, read the books..." "good." Both just smiled at their feet when John returned. "What'd I miss?" He asked, a smile and light flush upon his cheeks. He handed Sherlock his cup which he grabbed but still looked off in to space. John looked at him, his smile still the same as he took a sip of the punch. If the John spitting the punch back into his cup had any say, the punch was absolutely dreadful. Cherry pop and beer and wine Don't exactly blend the best.

     "Sherlock is in the mind castle, and Mike actually knows stuff about Harry Potter. He actually read the books!" John rolled his eyes as he replies, "I was busy with paint ball, didn't get to read the books. Is that such a pet peeve of yours?" Mike and Molly both snicker at that, and John just looks between the two before nodding. "Sherlock, you owe me five quid. I said Mike would work the courage up and say hi." John jested as he gently elbows Sherlock who was still off in his head. Sherlock just keeps thinking, absent mindlessly sipping the punch. "Actually, Sherlock beckoned me over. Wasn't for him, don't think I'd meet this lovely lady." Mike says, pinking as he talked and eventually smiled at his shiny black shoes. John smiled and looked up at Sherlock, fondness in his eyes. "So Sherlock, whats it like being pregnant?" Molly asked. John and Mike both looked up shocked at Sherlock. "He's not actually pregnant! I just say random things when he's out. He doesn't even hear it. Watch. John absolutely loves-" "Molly!" "-peanut butter..." John is bright red, and when I mean bright red I mean Molly's dress seemed white in comparison to how bloody red with embarrassment and anger his face was. Molly matched her dress, she was embarrassed and Mike looked torn a bit. "You... I thought you liked-" "Mike, don't. I don't care if he is in the mind palace or not, neither of you..." He sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. He looked more tired, the bags still under his eyes from a week ago's hospital trip. A tired smile falls on his lips and he looks at Mike. "Molly has been having a crush on you for a while, and you were smitten in the first week of school, but only got to see her in the hall. Both of you know where my head is at. Don't tell Sherlock. That's my job. Here it comes even..."
     The song playing from the speakers stop and Mrs. Donovan's voice rings out, snapping Sherlock out again, from thinking in which he was denouncing that John really cared more than a friend. "Oi, next song goes out, and I'm reading it straight from their note, to the 'nerd who I saved from paintball hell'. Whatever the fuck that means..." "Donavon!" "Lestrade, relax. Not like they don't say that word anyway. Anyhow, here's Fine by me By Andy Grammar". The song begins and John grabs Sherlock's hand and asks, "Would you have this dance?" Sherlock just nods, a smile already forming on his lips as John leads him to the dance area. They dance separately,  both looking at each other, and thinking 'it just feels right'. The song and the dancing together. Maybe Sherlock had a bit too much punch, he did have his cup and John's, which did taste a bit more off, although he couldn't tell why. At the second verse, John grabs Sherlock's hand and twirls him, sending Sherlock into a fit of giggles as John begins to sing along.
"In the past I would try, try hard to commit to a girl, wouldn't get too far. It always somehow seemed to fall apart.
But with you, you, you, I can see what I need, I can dream realistically, I knew that this was different from the start.
 And it seems that every time we're eye to eye, I can find another piece of you that I don't wanna lose.
John looks up at Sherlock and smiles before he sings on both of them swaying together, John's hand still on Sherlock's, smiling.
"And I'm staring at you now, there's no one else around. I'm thinking you're the one I need.
I'm just saying it's fine by me if you never leave, and we can lay like this forever. It's fine by me.
I'm just saying it's fine by me if you never leave, and we can lay like this forever. It's fine by me.
And it's never easy, Darling, believe me. I'm as skeptical as you. But, when I think of life without "us",
 It seems like "What we're supposed to do? "... But I don't wanna come on too strong.
I'm just saying it's fine by me if you never leave. We can lay like this forever, it's fine by me
It's fine by me if you never leave, and we can lay like this forever. It's fine by me
I'm just saying it's fine by me, if we never leave and we can lay like this forever. It's fine by me"

    The song ends and the dancers and people clap a bit, but Sherlock and John are too busy smiling at each other to notice. "Oi, Sherlock, kiss him mate!" "Donovan!" "Act on your crush, like this Sherlock" And Donovan grabs Lestrade and kisses him square on the lips and a cheer goes through the crowd. Molly says yes form behind. "One ship down, Johnlock to go." Sherlock is about to respond when John grabs his normal tie and pulls him down and Bam! Sherlock's eyes widen as he looks down at John. His eyes are pinched closed and his face looks like 'please work'. And Sherlock lets his eyes flutter closed and sink into the kiss, ignoring the cheers around. They break kiss, and suddenly recall where they're at, as their cheeks heat. "Screw it!" Mike yells, and kisses Molly who turns red and snogs back. Sherlock digs into his pocket, pulls out a slightly crumpled pound (Brittish money). "I swear, I thought Molly would have had to make the move." He glances at John who is staring back nervously.

     Once everything had settled a bit and the pair had steped out to the cool night, Sherlock turned to John. "You alright... John?" Sherlock asked, a bit nervous as John glances down before looking up again and he says, "Sherlock... Its fine by me... if you never leave... we could stay like this forever...Its fine by me... is it fine for you?" He smiles, trying to hide the nerves crashing around inside him. Sherlock smiles. "No." he says and John falters and that hurt flashes in his eyes, but Sherlock continues. "Not like this... hopefully... a bit more when we're ready, yeah?" Sherlock asks, looking up at John who was smiling. "Absolutely." then Sherlock blushes a bit deeper and asks, "Can I kiss you again?" "Oh god, yes."

Fine by me JOHNLOCK
Love the song, heard it pop up and bam, inspired... Although I should be doing Hw, and its past Midnight, but whatever. Enjoy!
Based on that music video by that ballet thing with the song. If you have yet to see that, the link will be in the description below if I can remember. Yes its short, but eh. Yes, AU. Enjoy!
    Phil was walking through the forest, following the music he had heard from his apartment. It carried him to an empty building with music pouring out. The walls outside were white wood with large windows letting in the sunlight, making it look like it was glowing. Take me to church was being played and Phil, being curious as usual looked in through a window, and that's when he saw him. He had hair like tree bark and deep brown eyes that can melt you like the chocolate his eyes resembled. He wore tights skin color, a tan color, matching his topless torso, showing his slightly muscular form doused with sweat. He threw himself around, his jumps through the air perfect, his toes pointed so and he seemed to slow down time in the air. Phil couldn't help but stare on as he danced, his jaw dropped ever so slightly. He would spin, his hair whipping around and that brilliant, breathless smile slipping upon his face. Phil smiled slightly, watching as this mysterious man danced, each move with a passion and spoke out in ways some words could never do justice of. At the end of the song he fell to his knees, and  all went silent. The mans head rose up, a smile spread across his face with a deep dimple on one cheek. Phil could feel his own lips form a grin just from seeing the joy this dancer expressed. He step back slightly, and a large snap rings through the forest. The dancer's smile vanishes as he leaps up, head whipping around to find the intruder while Phil went down to hide from sight. He peeked out of the corner of the window to see the dancer turned away, walking slowly to the door, a bat (like from baseball, not an animal) held tightly in his grip. Phil, turned and sneaked away, going below the windows view around the other way.
     He had made it a good distance away when a cry of "hey! " resounded through the forest, followed by crunching leaves and into view is the dancer. Phil turns around from him and runs, as fast as he coulld through the deep woods back towards his home. He glanced behind him to find the dancer, now not holding his weapon, get closer, a confused look upon his face. Phil turns back and keeps running until he slips under the rain-soaken leaves bellow. The man catches up and asks "Are you alright?" His voice was gentle and Phil felt his hands gently grab him around his waist and pull him up off the slightly damp floor of the autumn forest. "S-sorry, I-i had heard music from my a-apartment and I-i was curious..." Phil spoke quickly, his eyes staring down at the crumpled leaves of orange and red around them in a million shades. "Its fine, I just thought it was someone dangerous, that's all." the man replied, and Phil looked up to see a soft smile on his lips. Ignoring the heat that flared upon his cheeks and ears as he looked down, he said "You dance amazingly..." "Th-thanks... I've always loved to dance, but I don't think I'm that good..." Phil looked up to see red upon the dancer's cheeks, his dimple deeply embeded inside the reddened cheek. "I think you are..." Phil said, staring at the dancer. The dancer looked up, his eyes glittering with pride until a puzzeled look took his face. "Have I seen you before?... Wait a second, you're Phil Lester. Oh my god, I watch your dance videos and the nerdier ones too!" The dancer's smile was contagious as it spread to Phil's face, and Phil nodded. "Hi, I'm Dan, Daniel Howell, a fan of yours." the dancer said. And that was how the Phan dancing duo began.


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